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Earth Day - One day at a time

I love Earth Day, any day when the world can take a moment to think about this beautiful planet that we are lucky to inhabit is a wonderful thing. If we have this one day to fully express our planet and what it means to us, I think we should challenge ourselves to remove one excess that harms the earth in our daily lives. 

We are catching on, there are more resources for a more sustainable lifestyle everyday. We can chose to no longer use plastic bags or laundry detergent in big plastic bottles, we can choose to use bamboo TP vs paper. Fun fact, in Sri Lanka they developed TP from elephant dung. Yes, many resources and so many people in our world that are consistently changing the game and I truly appreciate all of them. 

What I love is how I got my daughter into the habit of buying second hand. She is 14 and the thrill of the thrift has become a part of her that I feel will never change. 85% of her wardrobe is second hand. My personal fave is her vintage is 90's & 00. What I also love is telling her I wore her beloved low rise jeans as maternity wear.

I reminisce to when I was 18/19/20 and worked at Sharks Vintage & Buffalo Exchange on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley CA. It was such an amazing time, we knew everyone on the street in their various workplaces. When I would go out front for a smoke and watch the gutter punk kids get dropped off by their mom in a van and then see them in front of Intermezzo asking for change. How the buyers on the block would call each other at our places of work - Mar Mercantile, Buffalo exchange, Sharks, to notify is someone picked up clothing from the Peoples Park bin and are trying to sell them. I drove a 1964 Blue Dodge Dart named George at the time, the best car on the planet. Slant 6 engine, made of steel. I was driving to work one day and a car with early morning partiers still high from the night before ran a red light and hit me. No-one was hurt but my George only had a broken headlight and their car was a newer model of fiberglass and totalled. Something to be said about natural resources.

Earth Day is a day to reflect on how we can make earth day everyday. So I ask, what will you put in place in your daily routine to be more sustainable? 


Found images of Mars Mercantile building art and Intermezzo salad - I ate almost everyday. Just looking at it, I can still taste it..



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