MN Dye Studio is a creative space for textile artist, Maegan Neubeck, to create colours and wash patterns from natural dyes. The collection is dyed in capsules along with the seasons. Every piece is unique and inspired by nature. 
Maegan spent 18 years in the denim industry as a wash specialist, where she learned natural dye techniques from people all over the world. She carries these traditions to the MN Dye Studio located in the Catskill Mountains, where she also lives and continues to work as a natural dye wash laundry for the denim industry today. 
Clients include: Cone Denim, Oak & Acorn, Banana Republic, LiaMolly, Jennifer Hoertz Milliners and private clients.
Stockists include:  Mayer Wasner and Chi Hive in Narrowsburg and Studio Minimale in Windham NY.